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Fresh salads

Small colourful leaf salad

Leaf salad, cherry tomatoes, pepper strips, mustard dressing – vegan
4,70 €

Salad 'Kartpalast'

Colourful salad mix with raw salads, marinated turkey breast
strips, mustard dressing 12,90 €

Veggie salad

Colourful salad mix with raw salads, lukewarm Mediterranean vegetables, balsamic vinaigrette – vegan
11,50 €

Delicious salad

Colorful salad mix with raw salads, 4 pieces of
grilled giant prawns, mustard dressing 19,50 €

Delicious pasta

Penne Rigate alla Napoletana

in fruity tomato sauce – vegan
6,90 €

Spaghetti alla Bolognese

with minced meat sauce, parmesan
shavings and basil 9,80 €

Rigatoni Genovese

with basil pesto and roasted pine nuts – vegan

Penne Amatriciana

with onions, bacon, cherry
tomatoes in tomato sauce 9,80 €


Homemade cheese cookies

with fresh roasted onions and small side salad – vegetarisch
9,90 €

Oven-fresh roast pork

in the Krusterl in Dunkelbierjus, two
kinds of dumplings and herb salad 11,50 €

Turkey breast steak

in herb butter and
salad baguette 11,50 €


grilled pork loin with homemade Spätzle and creamy
forest mushroom cream sauce 14,80 €

Wiener Schnitzel

souffled from the milk calf in butter, optionally with roast potatoes or
fries and cold-stirred cranberries 19,50 €

Mediterranean vegetables

roasted in olive oil with roasted walnuts – vegan
12,50 €

Roast onion

approx. 220g pink fried in red
wine sauce and roast potatoes 21,50 €

Styrian Schnitzel

pork in pumpkin seed panade with potato
rocket salad 12,40€

For our little ones (up to 14 years)

Serving Country Potatoes

with Sauer

Portion of fries

with ketchup

Small turkey schnitzel Wiener Art

with fries

Homemade Spätzle

with roast

Spaghetti Bolognese



Penne with fresh tomato sauce – Vegan

Sweets at the end

Ic coffee or ic chocolate

with 2 scoops vanilla ice cream and whipped cream – vegetarian

Apple strudel

with vanilla

Chocolate Soufflé

with fresh fruits – Vegetarian

Panna Cotta

on raspberry

Homemade Kaiserschmarrn

Caramelized Kaiserschmarrn freshly prepared for you (duration approx. 20 min.) with roasted almonds and raisins. In addition, plum roaster or apple sauce – Vegetarian
p. Person 8,50€